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Our Story

We are very happy and enthusiastic to associate with Paper which has been around for centuries and still being an important part of our daily lives. Whether to convey emotional feelings to your family or business communications to your partners or be it your first job cv or be it a medium to elaborate your ideas; the paper you choose plays a very important part in achieving what you intended. Look around you and you will find that any company or person who understands how to choose and use the right paper at the right time whether it is for packaging, marketing or communication is always successful in what they do.

Papers are natural products made from trees and are biodegradable thus causing no harm like non-biodegradable products which just create more landfills. So next time when you have a choice to use between a paper product and nonbiodegradable product always use a paper product thus helping Mother Nature.

In this competitive business world where land is taken by industrialization and real estate development how many of us think about planting a small plant in our backyard. With our present lifestyle we deplete a lot of non-renewable natural resources and deforest a lot of forest areas to make our lives more comfortable. But did you know that paper and furniture industry are few of the last reasons for man to plant and grow trees in large scales. FSC certified papers are made from trees grown in FSC certified forests where more trees are planted and grown when one tree is cut. This controlled forestation is the only few remaining ways by which trees are planted in large scale by man.

So, consider what each one can do by using FSC certified papers and thereby support FSC forestation cycles. The more the demand for FSC papers, more land will be used for planting more trees. Use more FSC certified papers and there by plant more trees. Help Mother Nature and Future Generations. Support Planting Trees.