A variety of products used for the exhibition and storage of photographs, precious artefacts and works of art. These specialist papers and boards include those for packaging and protection, and those for display and interleaving. Our museum and archival boards are of a very high purity and confirm to the International Archival Standard ISO 9706. Paper which during long term storage in libraries, archives and other protected environments will undergo little or no change in properties that affect use. Paper which complies with this International Standard is expected to remain substantially unchanged for several hundred years. Permanent papers can be considered as acid free.

CHARACTERISTICS : Superior acid-free papers and boards for storage or display of artefacts, laminated with specially formulated neutral pH, non plasticised, archival adhesive, most archival qualities are alkaline buffered to protect against acids in the environment (Unbuffered qualities are available), meets ISO9706 standard for permanence.
  • Archival & Solander Boxes
  • Archival Interleaving
  • Long-life Documents
  • Mount Board
  • Museum Display Board


  • Lithography
  • Relief Processes
  • Silkscreen
  • Die Cutting