An elegant presentation adds flavors to your delicious Cakes & Pastries…….

Need a quality cake base for your next special occasion? Look no further! We have everything from laminated cake boards to sturdy cake bases available for all kinds of cakes. Upgrade your cakes with our top quality, durable cake bases and boards. Get a variety of shapes and sizes of laminated bases perfect for any event or occasion. Choose from our exclusive collections of cake base boards and stamp your signature. We have laminated solid cake boards in different shades, various shapes,sizes finishing to represent a high standard and quality image. It is highly suitable for greasy and frozen products. No migration between packaging and food ingredients. Embossed or non-embossed boards with scalloped or straight edges offer a royal look to your sumptuous dishes.
Stiff and flat……Radiant shades….Luxurious feel…….adds value to your products.
We have been especially designed as food packaging base board. The board is finished in a glued film liner suitable for direct food contact. It prevents migration between packaging and food ingredients. When sized, our board is suitable for most products, considerably reducing penetration via board edges. Our board is ideal to use for wet food products like Cakes and Pastries presenting your product in a nice and tasteful way!
Get the perfect cake board to show off your creations! We offer a range of options in different sizes and styles, so you can find the right cake base for every event or occasion.