PE Coated Grey Board is used for Food Packaging


Grey board is the perfect choice for crafting projects, scrapbooking, and stationery; get yours today! This paper board's strength provides a reliable and long-lasting surface. This sturdy greyboard either used as backing card or a protective outer layer. Pasted Greyboard is fully recyclable. The shade may differ between and within orders due to variable sources of recycled fibre. It is thick paper-based material and always used as “Frame” of the rigid box because it is easily cut and formed, lightweight and strong. It is also complies with FSC standards.
Need a strong yet lightweight sheet material for packaging? Look no further than grey board. Ideal for secondary food packaging, discover the perfect paper board option here! From high-end products to everyday items, grey board offers a versatile and sustainable paper board solution for all of your secondary food packaging requirements. We can use Grey Board as secondary packaging in food packages. It is also use as album covers to give the rigidness and can be pasted with any choice of resin papers. This type of packaging paper is extremely durable, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications. You are able to safely print on PE paper, allowing you to give your products aesthetically appealing branding without compromising the product. it's great for early-stage prototyping or finished products, offering superior strength and a smooth surface perfect for labels. With a durable finish that resists scratches and smudges.