A perfect sustainability Choice from us which makes you much smarter in your approach

Rich Mineral Paper also known as Stone paper is made from rich minerals abundantly available in the environment. It outperforms all cellulose and plastic products because of its elegant appearance. The manufacturing process of this mineral paper results in no acids, no alkali, no bleach, and no CO2 emissions. It is produced from the left overs of existing limestone quarries. This is a great way to avoid waste and protect our environment. The surface of stone paper is smooth. It has got good ink absorption and sharper colour presentation. It is not easily tearable.The elasticity and tensile strength results in excellent printability and is conducive for post print operations. It is oil and water resistant and has more strength than normal paper. Because of its high density, stone paper products also retain their shape over time. Moreover in some cases it can even be an alternative to plastic as you may not need to laminate the products.

“Stone paper is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable.” This versatile paper is a reliable choice to harmonize with society and the environment. Much less water usage, less energy consumption, less waste production, no water or air pollution and this is how stone paper has become a reliable choice as far as sustainability is concerned. It is photodegradable, anti-moth and insect proof. It will not turn yellowish with age and is excellent for archiving if kept away from direct sunlight. Due to its stability and unparalleled properties, the bags made out of stone paper can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to fabric or jute bags. You can make stylish notebooks, magazines, attractive menu cards, gift boxes, playing cards, calendars, notepads etc. and excellent food packages because it could keep water and moisture out.