Introducing synthetic paper – the perfect alternative to traditional tree-free paper! Get non-tearable, durable and recyclable paper that's great for any environment or application. Going green doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality! Get synthetic paper that is tree free yet strong and non-tearable. Check out our guide to learn all about this amazing product! Make a statement with durable synthetic paper – tear-proof, water resistant and environmentally friendly! Discover why so many businesses are choosing this as their go-to resource in our comprehensive guide. The use of synthetic paper is widespread for book or diary covers, outdoor tag uses for airport tags, nursery, lumber tags and miscellaneous horticultural products. Synthetic paper is leveraged for printing horticultural tags for plants as well as trees. Almost all synthetic papers are produced using petroleum-based resins. Often called “tree-free paper, they are essentially a printable polymer-based substrate.

Benefits of Printing on Synthetic Paper
  • Water Resistant

  • Tear Resistant

  • Flexible, Soft Hand Feel

  • High Heat Stability