Get a burst of gorgeous color and glittering brilliance with this paper.

A metallic paper appears to be a glittering star with a trail of stardust as it sweeps across the night sky, this effect is created by sunlight reflecting off it's icy surface. You get a sample of complementary colors for instant pick-and-choose option. It's perfect for celebrations or creating everyday crafts with a playful or even enlightened style. A shimmering surface lustre is simply eyecatching. It's sheer elegance inspires cretive innovation in all types of graphic and structural design. It is a fully dyed-through paper with a double-sided pearlescent coating. As well as it's captivating aesthetic appeal, the complexity of the paper surface also provides security benefits - being more difficult to copy than print. It is available from stock in 8 standard colors, and 2 weights. Alternatively the sparkling surface coating can be added to a custom color and weight.
Striking effects can be achieved on this luxurious paper using standard print techniques such as lithography, letterpress, silk screen, foil blocking, blind embossing and die stamping. This paper is manufactured using Elemental Chlorine Free(ECF) pulps, and is fully recylable.